Unveiling The New Florida Distributing Company - Kissimmee Facility

Florida Distributing Company — 5 min read

Jan 16, 2024

Aerial view of the Florida Distributing Company Kissimmee facility with text overlay highlighting 100% LED lighting and electric vehicle parking

Reyes Beverage Group recently completed construction on a brand-new facility for Florida Distributing Company, located in the heart of Kissimmee, FL. Operations officially began on January 8, 2024, when our teams delivered more than 24,000 case equivalents of product. This state-of-the-art facility will be used in addition to the existing Florida Distributing Company warehouse in Orlando.

The new site houses 233,500+ sq. ft. of warehouse space along with 14,000+ sq. ft. of office space, with plenty of room for employee amenities such as an on-site gym, employee bar, EV chargers and more.

Photo of an office bar area

Sustainability was top of mind when designing the facility. In addition to being 20% more energy efficient as compared to the baseline, some key sustainable features include:

  • Innovative refrigeration energy reduction strategies in the keg cooler and warehouse

  • 100% LED lighting

  • 50% reduction in outdoor water use

  • >80% waste diversion rate

Warehouse with alcoholic beverage products
Photo of a warehouse with beer pallets
Photo of a warehouse with beer pallets
Aerial view of the Florida Distributing Company Kissimmee building

About Florida Distributing Company:

Florida Distributing Company joined Reyes Beverage Group in 2011. We proudly sell and distribute the widest variety of world-class craft, imported and domestic beers throughout Central Florida, delivering over 18.7 million cases of beer each year to over 6,520 retailers across six counties in Central Florida. ​Learn more at FloridaDistributing.com.