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reyes beverage group

At Reyes Beverage Group, we’re proud to be family owned and the largest beer distributor in the United States — and we distribute a growing number of spirits brands, too.


320M+Annual case volume


115K+Customer Accounts

Extensive reach

Regional expertise

Our facilities span coast-to-coast offering the best of both worlds — great local knowledge and service with the portfolio, reach and scale of a true industry leader.

Schematic map of the United States


Success built on people

0%of our leadership obtain their roles through internal promotions.

We believe our growth means our people's growth. To attract and keep top talent, it's critical to our culture that we devote resources to developing our employees’ skills and advancing their careers.

Digital tools that work for you

Along with the best beverage-alcohol brands, our customers get best-in-class local customer service from experienced professionals who know the markets they work in — and the tools to make it happen. We’ve developed customized digital tools that are not just effective, but also a genuine pleasure to work with.

Browse all brands, inventory and deals, order online, check invoices and history, see sales analytics and more.