Celebrating National American Beer Day

Reyes Beverage Group — 5 min read

Oct 27, 2023

Collage of three historic breweries with text describing National American Beer Day

Reyes Holdings was founded in 1976 when brothers Chris and Jude Reyes purchased a Schlitz beer distributor in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Over the past 47 years, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with top brands and suppliers, including some of the oldest breweries in America – so it’s safe to say that beer runs deep in our roots. This National American Beer Day, we’re traveling back in time to recognize and appreciate the longstanding history of some of the country’s first breweries.

Photo of Yuengling brewery

Photo from Yuengling


The story of America’s Oldest Brewery began when David G. Yuengling arrived from Wuerttemberg, Germany to settle in the coal-mining town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The original Porter Lager was first brewed in 1829.


View of Pabst Brewery. Divided back with hand-written text.

Photo from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Library


Pabst Brewing Company originated in 1844, pioneered by Jacob Best along the Milwaukee River. In the 1850s, Jacob Best’s son, Phillip Best, took over the company and eventually brought his son-in-law, Captain Pabst, onboard. Captain Pabst became the company’s president in 1872, the same year Pabst Brewing Company became the second largest brewery in the United States. 


Photo of Frederick Miller's Plank Road Brewery

Photo from Beer History


Frederick J. Miller began apprenticeships in brewing at a young age and was even a brewmaster to a German prince. Upon arriving and settling in America, he purchased a brewery and reclaimed it as his own in 1855. Miller brought over a unique brewer’s yeast from Germany to ferment his beers, which gave them a unique flavor. That yeast’s descendants are still used today in some of the brewery’s beers. Miller Brewing Company became Molson Coors in 2005 when it joined forces with Coors.

Reyes Beverage Group first distributed Miller Lite upon acquiring Chicago Beverage Systems in 1979.