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2023 Tiger Joe Award Winners

Reyes Beverage Group — 3 min read

Mar 21, 2024

Tiger Joe Award logo with 2023 Distributor of the Year text

The Tiger Joe Award launched in 2012 as a way to recognize the qualities of a well-run business that balances efficiency, wellness, leadership and profitability. The award is the most coveted honor that a Reyes Holdings company can receive and is the ultimate team accomplishment.

The Tiger Joe Award highlights the company’s spirit of friendly competition while focusing on continuous improvement and our overall commitment to excellence.

Congratulations to the following Reyes Beverage Group distributors:

Premium Distributors of Michigan - 2023 Tiger Joe Distributor of the Year Award

Premium Distributors of Michigan - Financial Performance Award

Premium Distributors of Virginia - Operational Excellence Award

Florida Distributing Company - Win the On-Premise Award

Premium Distributors of Michigan - Innovation Award

Monarch Distributing - Sales Excellence Award

Premium Distributors of Michigan - People, Culture and Change Award

History of the Tiger Joe award text overlay with photo of tiger award and plane

The Tiger Joe Award was named to honor the Reyes family patriarch, Joseph Reyes. Today, the award has become so sought after that it inspires and fuels friendly competition within each company of the Reyes Family of Businesses and creates a culture of continuous improvement that helps the companies become the best in the industry.