Reyes Beverage Group's Investments in Safety Technology and Best Practices

Reyes Beverage Group — 3 min read

Jun 3, 2024

While we focus on safety year-round, National Safety Month gives us the opportunity to spotlight our efforts to keep our team safe. At the end of the day, we want every employee to leave work the same way they came – without a scratch. That’s why we've invested in tools, technology and best practices that put safety first.

Woman wearing safety vest and safety goggles while operating a forklift in a warehouse

Journey to Zero Unsafe Acts

Overview: Our journey to zero unsafe acts is supported by our behavior-based safety observation program. Through this program, we aim to encourage a culture of safety awareness and responsibility among all team members.

Progress: Our teams have completed more than 28,000 behavior-based safety observations and related conversations to engage our team members on safe work practices.

Plans: We continue to evolve and engage our workforce with safety. Some of our ongoing safety programs include:

  • “Hide the Box”/ “GOAL (Get Out and Look)” challenge

  • Safety lane checks

  • Reyes Mobile Academy

  • “RUA Defensive Driver” training

  • Fire extinguisher training

  • DriveCam program and coaching

  • Skills and abilities assessments

  • Safe driver certification

  • Pre/post-trip training for powered industrial trucks and commercial motor vehicles

  • Ergonomics training

  • Lifting labs

  • Delivery University

  • New management safety training

  • New hire safety orientation

Man in uniform moving a box of product on to a pallet in a warehouse


Overview: The Kinetic device is a wearable reminder to move mindfully. The smart sensor identifies potentially risky body movements and postures that can lead to injuries, like bending, twisting or reaching, and alerts the employee via vibration. The employee can then adjust their movement, lower their risk of work-related injuries and improve their body mechanics moving forward.

Progress: Last year, RBG saw over 85% Kinetic device utilization among our delivery drivers and warehouse selectors. Thanks to technology, adoption and coaching, we continue to see a decrease in injury severity.

Plans: In 2024, we are gamifying Kinetic to help keep engagement up and drive high-risk postures down. We will be tracking high-risk posture reduction weekly, monthly and quarterly to recognize employees who achieve the highest reduction in their high-risk postures or who consistently maintain low high-risk postures.

Man driving a Class 8 tractor with beer-branded trailer on the truck

Lytx DriveCam

Overview: Lytx DriveCam technology improves driver safety by identifying risks in real-time, like lane departures, following distance and speeding. It offers insights for personalized feedback to enhance driving skills and prevent collisions.

Progress: From 2022 to 2023, our Lytx DriveCam risk score dropped 11%. Our risk score is a leader among peer companies using the Lytx platform and our total points per event recorder dropped 14% compared to 2022.

Plans: This year, some of our newer businesses will mature with DriveCam. Thanks to the delivery supervisors coaching our drivers, we have already seen these locations’ risk scores decrease and our coaching effectiveness improve. We expect our coaching effectiveness to reach over 80% every month by the end of the year.

Close up image of a camera installed on the exterior right side door of a Class 8 tractor

360-Degree Cameras

Overview: Last year, we introduced and installed 360-degree camera safety systems on roughly 35% of our trucks. The 360-degree camera system enhances driver safety and efficiency by providing better rearview and blind spot visibility, improving decision-making, reducing collisions and enhancing the driving experience.

Progress: RBG trucks with the 360-degree camera system saw a 22.6% year-over-year decrease of fixed object, backing and sideswipe collisions from August to December 2023, and a 30% year-over-year decrease through the first trimester of 2024.

Plans: With more installations planned this year, over 50% of our fleet will be equipped with these cameras. We are committed to investing in the latest technologies to prioritize the safety of our drivers and the communities we operate in.

Three people in safety vests smiling in a warehouse

Safety is critical to how we operate, perform and succeed in our business. We focus on development, progress and continuous improvement at every level and continue to invest in technology to positively impact our people.